Health, Safety & Environment

Northshore Crane & Equipment, Inc. is totally dedicated and has one of the best health, safety, & environmental programs that one could desire.

It is imperative for us to maintain the absolute highest standards in health, safety and environment to protect our employees and our clients’ employees and property.

The personnel of Northshore Crane & Equipment, Inc. are considered our most important asset and, therefore, the prevention of job related injuries and illnesses will be given precedence over other activities whenever necessary. It is the policy of Northshore Crane & Equipment, Inc. to provide and maintain a safe and healthful working environment and to follow operating practices which will safeguard all employees and result in a more efficient operation.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. All levels of management are responsible for providing the resources necessary to maintain a safe working environment, for establishing policy, and for establishing policy, and for ensuring that policy is implemented. Supervisors are responsible for implementing policy and ensuring that day-to-day activities are conducted in a safe and healthy manner. Employees are responsible for performing their tasks so as not to endanger themselves, other workers, and members of the general public or the environment.

All of Northshore Crane & Equipment, Inc. is committed to safety excellence and the goal of zero accidents. The same commitment is expected of all employees.

Northshore Cranes’ services are performed in strict compliance with all applicable codes and regulations therefore meeting OSHA, ANSI, ASME, USCG, ABS, API, BOEM, BSEE and manufactures specifications.

*Member of ISNetworld*